Service Commitments

  • Offer 7x24 hours without rest telecom operator service providers
  • Network Management Center (NOC) service commitment:
  • Internet data centers provide 7x24 hours of live on-site service
  • Professional electrical engineers 24 hours patrol monitoring to ensure the normal operation of equipment
  • 7x24 hours to configure client servers, firewalls, routers, switches service
  • 7x24 hour Added machine Services; 7x24 hours of professional and technical personnel on duty
  • 7x24 hour support remote technical support, software, hardware, networking technologies
  • Traffic Monitoring Services: Provides multi-router traffic recorder (MRTG) usage reports
Shenzhen Yunlink Technology Co., Ltd.
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Technical 1: 0755-88822938 (10 lines) Technical 2: 0755-88856998 (10 lines)
Business Address: 14F,XiangFu Building, LuoHu District,ShenZhen,China
IDC Address 1:5F,GDC Building,NanShan District,ShenZhen,China
IDC Address 2: 4F ,Unit2,Building B,Kexing Science Park, KeYuan Road,NanShan District,ShenZhen,China
IDC Address 3: 6F, Weiyong Building,Keyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen,China
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